What to Expect

Support Your Neighbors and the Community

Regardless of the agency you choose, you’ll be part of a small, collaborative team working to protect the important elements of your customers’ lives. Whether that means someone’s home, car or family, you’ll be there to help answer questions and provide the right solutions.

Backed by the Allstate Brand

Working for an agency means you have the freedom and autonomy of working in a small business—with the resources, reputation and support of the Allstate brand. You’ll do what’s right for your customers, and we’ll take care of the branding and marketing initiatives to ensure you have a robust pipeline.

As an Allstate agency staff member, you can expect to support the Allstate agency by:

Quoting customers on product portfolio

Planning, measuring and implementing sales goals

Developing new business through leads and referrals

Building and nurturing strong relationships

Consistently delivering excellent customer service

Serving the community by partnering with local businesses

Continual education of our products

What Makes an Ideal LSP?

Service + Compassion

  • A patient, caring and accountable critical thinker
  • Filled with empathy and sheltered by a thick skin
  • Fresh perspective with ability to provide trusted advice
  • Looking for a meaningful career and a way to make a difference

Sales Skills

  • Outgoing, goal-oriented and personable
  • Tenacious and competitive
  • Well-networked and motivated to succeed

Great Personality

  • Likeable, approachable and fun to be around
  • Responsible, trustworthy and dependable
  • Engaging team player
  • Caring to both customers and colleagues
  • Coachable, flexible and adaptable

Work Ethic + Attitude

  • Process-oriented and focused
  • Organized and able to multi-task
  • Excellent verbal and written communicator
  • Natural leader and willing to work hard
  • Ambitious, driven and ready to grow
Candidates must be able to handle multiple tasks at once, operate in a sometimes fast-paced environment, and effectively deal with adversity and rejection.
- Scott Sileo, Agent

Williamstown, NJ