Roadmap to Success

Your Future at Allstate

Agency staff members typically follow one of two paths. The first is to help build and support the business of the agency where you are employed. The second is to gain the skills and experience to help you launch your own successful Allstate agency in the future.

Allstate can help support either path by providing all the tools and training you need to find success. We offer skill-based training class, including the art of selling, policy education, and how to sell financial services in specific. We also offer the opportunity to get licensed as an insurance agent. Regardless of the path you choose, your future begins with Allstate.

Learn more about New Jersey licensing here.

Career Path

CS→ Sales→ Office Manager→ Agent
Our staff takes a sense of ownership in everything they do and in the results of their work. They understand that much of sales is "making something from nothing", so rather than wait expectantly for an opportunity to arise, they must be able to create their own opportunities by knowing how to initiate conversations and suggest new protection solutions.
- Scott Sileo, Agent

Williamstown, NJ